Maintenance and Operations need experienced support to make safety and savings the top priorities in your business.
Keep ahead of changes, keep ahead of the competition and use professional support.
We've been helping people like you get to the top of the pile since the 90's why leave the best business to others? Do you have the drive to succeed and take your business into new arena's? Do you wish to buy or sell helicopters? Need independent aviation audits to advance your company? Or need SMS or risk assessments? We can provide all of this and more through our alliance of companies in Asia. See Linkedin Profile button below for certificates / license and other info.

ABOUT Falcon Heli-Support

Helicopter Support for australia & Asia 

We have been in the industry since the 1970's, offshore O&G since 1990 and supporting operations in Australia and Asia since 1995.


Aviation is an important industry and it requires a real pro. 

You can count on Falcon Heli-Support to assist in your aviation technical support, aviation audits and safety management system set up and reviews. Falcon Heli-Support can also help set up new aviation companies in SE Asia and Australia including AOC and Part 145 set up.

Specific Services offered include,
Technical Support
Logistics Assistance
Aviation Auditing
SMS and Risk Assessmentincluding SMS Manuals and Implementation
We also assist in selling and buying helicopters and carry out sales inspections for both purchasers and sellers.

Falcon Heli-Support travels to your location.

Falcon Heli-Support